How Can I Send Gift to Singapore from India?


Want to send a gift to Singapore but are in India? There are actually many ways. However, the most appropriate and effective way is to use the services of a Flower Advisor. There are various kinds of gifts that you can choose from and we are ready to send them all over Singapore.

FlowerAdvisor is a flower delivery service in Singapore. We are trusted and always put quality first. There are various kinds of gifts that you can choose from. Below are some of the favorite gifts in our store that you can use as a reference. What are they?

  1. Lily Bouquet

Lilies are summer flowers with the surprise Lilium. Lilies have broad petals like trumpets. Lilies have pistils like matchsticks. The leaves of the lily plant are green and the stems are elongated. Lilies are native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean. Lilies have many beautiful colors. Lilies also have a fragrant aroma.

In Greek legend, lilies came from the milk shed by the goddess Hera. When Dewi Hera was breastfeeding her child, she accidentally spilled her milk on the earth. That was the beginning of the growth of lilies on earth.

Lilies are often used as flower bouquets. In fact, lilies are dubbed the queen of the garden. Lili has the meaning of purity, purity, and modesty. Lilies are considered a symbol of beauty and are often mentioned in the Bible.

A bouquet of white lilies symbolizes purity, purity, sincerity, devotion, and nobility. One of the most popular types of white lilies is the Casablanca lily. The flower really symbolizes something sacred and charming.

Yellow lilies are often used to express happy feelings. But if you give it too much, its meaning can change. If in excess, a bouquet of yellow lilies can be interpreted as falsehood and lies. One of the most popular types of yellow lilies is the yellow daylily.

A bouquet of red lilies is often considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance of wealth. The gift of this flower can also symbolize strength, great energy, and passion.

In contrast to other colors, a bouquet of orange lilies actually symbolizes hatred, arrogance, and contempt. The famous type of orange lily is the orange daylily.

Actually, the most sought-after lily bouquet is the white lily bouquet. Besides being given to a lover or used as a hand bouquet on a wedding day, white lilies are also commonly used at funerals. In an atmosphere of grief, a lily bouquet can symbolize loss and sincere feelings.

A lily bouquet is the best gift for a precious person.

  1. Red Rose Bouquet

The rose is the queen of flowers. That statement is, of course, true. Why? Because roses are the most popular flowers in the world. Especially red roses.

Red roses are a symbol of romantic love. Red roses are often used as a means to express affection, not only to lovers but also to friends or family. Actually, the red rose has a pretty interesting legend.

In Arabic legend, all roses are actually only white. One night, when the nightingale met a white rose, she fell in love. Because of his great love, the nightingale wants to unite with the rose. He pressed himself against the thorns of the rose until his heart was pierced and the rose that had been white turned red.

Whereas in Ancient Greek legend, the legend of the rose began when Venus was stung by a bee. He accidentally shot an arrow at the rose garden. The arrow shot caused thorns to grow on the rose plant. When Venus was walking in the rose garden, her leg was pricked by a thorn. It is the drops of blood from Venus’ feet that make roses red.

  1. Chocolate Bouquet


Chocolate is often interpreted as a symbol of love, care, and commitment. Some people believe that chocolate can make two people fall in love. Not without reason, chocolate contains phenylethylamine endorphins that can create feelings of joy and provide positive energy.

Chocolate was originally cultivated for thousands of years by the Mayans and Aztecs. Chocolate grows in the Amazon and South America, then the Spaniards brought chocolate to Spain in the 18th century. Switzerland made a chocolate drink for the first time and it was loved by many. Since then Switzerland has had better chocolate processing and to this day, Switzerland is known as the best chocolate producer in the world.

Chocolate seems to have become a tradition. For example, on Valentine’s Day. At that moment, chocolate seemed to be mandatory and became the most popular gift. Although not everyone in this world likes chocolate, the average person likes it.

Along with the times, the form of chocolate is increasingly diverse. Chocolate also has many flavors. Even the packaging varies. Currently, there is a chocolate packaging that is quite popular, namely the chocolate bouquet. Not only a bouquet of flowers that has a beautiful and aesthetic appearance but a bouquet of chocolates too.

A bouquet of chocolates is a luxurious and precious gift for that special person.

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